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What Makes Escaping the Prison a Fantastic Flash Game

When it comes to flash games, we are aware of the fact that there are many on the online stores. Honestly speaking the competition is too tough and we get confused about which flash game to choose and which one can come up as per our expectations. Escaping the Prison by Puffballs United has not been a classic room escape. It is a highly interactive, adventurous game.
The best thing about escaping the prison is that this game is full of adventures that are perfectly combined with amazing graphics and color contrasts.
Story of Escaping the Prison

The gameplay of Escaping the Prison is fun-filled. It comes up with various outcomes that interest to everyone who loves flash games. About this particular game, I would like to mention that it is played in single mode. It clearly means you will act as the main character of the game.
Moreover, this includes several cut scenes that include two policemen who come forward in the beginning with words that you have been given permission to get released. Then they leave, and you are provided with a pack which you open to see what’s inside. Hurrah, there is a yummy, mouth watering cake inside. This is your time to select your weapon that gets you to the next mission.
Using drill firstly is a wise decision, which you can use to cut the floor, and from here you will be fallen through the sewage pipes. Once you get out of this, then you are being given the option to either go right or left.
Talking about the story of escaping the prison, I must say it has been told with the help of quirky animated scenes. Almost all of its scenes have remarkable and fully impressive stick figures; that include the main character, the security guards, as well as a host that supports the characters amazingly, keeping all of them under one roof, on a single platform. Super Smash Flash is another great and fun game featuring the Mario gaming character.
Are Navigation Controls Present In Escaping The Prison?

Well, this is an interesting question that is often asked when it comes to talking about flash games. In the case of escaping the prison, I must admit this has no navigation controls. Not only this but also the game lacks inventory and controlling thereof, and this can be easily observed when you have reached the end of the scenes where several items are shown to be popping up on the screen. Here you just need to click on one of the multiple options available. After this comes, the time when you can easily sit back and sequences will be displayed to you automatically. There are, however, chances that not every choice you make is correct. Sometimes your choices can include objects only, and they are left with no actions.
Animations of Escaping the Prison

Here I must say that the animations of escaping the prison are just superb. These have been fantastically brought to life because of the walking, crawling, and kick ass music that is played when the main character of the game appears on the screen. In short, it is just fun to watch this little hero enjoying time and performing his tasks perfectly. Check out some of the greatest Soccer Physics Game Tips and Tricks on the featured website.
The graphics of escaping the prison are just superb. The players are given full control over their criminal and non-criminal characteristics. The game is non-real, but the overall environment is so amazing that it gives you feel of being in the real-life environment.
What’s next?

Overall, escaping the prison is an excellent flash game, but you can still give a try to other games such as the Lame Escape, and the Sneaky Escape, etc.
Escaping the Prison can be the choice for everyone. But before you go for it, make sure you have enough courage and patience to break successfully down the big house into small pieces, as is required for the main character of this game and this is where you need to help him.
Other Features/Characteristics of Escaping the Prison

Among so many characteristics and features of escaping the prison, there are several controls and screen-based options that can help you enjoy the game at its most. At first glimpse, you will not be told anything about which option to use, but as you move on you will realize yourself which options and features of escaping the prison make it a distinctive flash game of the era.
Here I need to mention for our readers that escaping the prison has no pause button. It clearly means once the game has been started, you will not be able to keep a pause on it. Well, this thing is distracting because it is never possible for us to continuously play a game as we need rest too.
As per the sources, the technicians and game makers are working to resolve this issue very soon because they are really serious to bring forth something nice and useful for the game lovers, not something that causes problems for them and keeps them away from enjoying such s wonderful flash game.
Summarizing this, we can say for sure that escaping the prison is one of the finest and most fantastic flash games. It has many scenes, characters, and amazing colors that together make it a wonderful choice. So, I can recommend this superb flash game to both adults and children. If your weekend is round the corner, you can enjoy this game and have lots of fun at home. -