Breaking The Bank Game

First Installment in Henry Game Series: Breaking the Bank

This is where it all started. The first ever game that introduced the Henry Stickman Game Series to the world. Breaking the Bank however, was not the first game developed by PuffballsUnited. The First game that was made by the development house was "Crossing the Pit". Their first game was never added to the series of Henry, but it still managed to amass a following for itself.
Breaking the Bank after its release, it was highly praised and nurtured up a series which has five installments up to date. The second installment of this series, escaping the Prison was released soon after the introduction of the first game.

The story of this game is no different than a typical prison break game. Realizing the fact that it's just a flash game, it had everything anyone would have hoped in a good game. The voice acting was good, animations were great while the gameplay was engaging.
About the story, it's based on the protagonist, Henry Stickman who is a thief. He makes living by stealing, in other words, he is a taker. So in his latest job, he picked a bank he wants to hit and get a living, hence the name, breaking the Bank.
Henry is trying to break into a bank that is in the middle of a desert. Henry can be seen standing next to a wall and making a plan about how to break it. He is not only trying to break into the bank, but also break into a vault.
Other Important Details

Before anything else, we would like to mention that this is the only game in the whole series that has no medals, side-quests or even successful endings. The fact is, this game is a simpler as compared to other installments. It lacks the feet or fingers that you will find in the other games. Breaking the Bank has six unique fails with one successful ending. Yes, you don't have a lot of options here. There are no Easter eggs in this game.
The game starts in a large bank that is situated in the middle of a dessert. The game then zooms in left wall where you can see Henry standing. Afterward, the game starts and the player can take over the controls. We are not going to spoil anything for you about the gameplay that you will have to check for yourself.
In the end, we do want to praise the well-written content of this game, breaking the bank was followed by escaping the prison that needs no rocket science that this job went haywire, and Henry ended up in prison.