Escaping The Prison Game

A Complete Guide of Escaping the Prison - The Game

Escaping the Prison is choose your own escape route game. This was first a PC game that is now converted into a mobile platform. In this game, the main character is sentenced to 50 years in jail. To get out, you scheme a strategy to break out of the big house anyway you can from rocking rocket launcher to running scored, it gets busy winning or die to try! In the following review, we will see the whole game, gameplay, graphics and weather if it is worth of your time or not! So stick with us!

With his Latest bank job going haywire and landing him in prison. Henry lost all hope, but he got some support in a mysterious package. Now it is up to you to help him make the right choice and get his freedom back. Find the right choice with all 18 unique fails and combos.
The Whole Game

The Gameplay of Escaping the Prison is filled with fun and twists. The game (overall) has some different outcomes. In this game, the ending is determined by your actions. It has only one mode that is single player. By the name of this game, you are the main character who is trapped in a jail. The main objection here is to escape from the prison.
There is a cut scene where two officers will come up to your cell and tell you have been released. As a matter of fact, they are joking. Afterward, they will throw a package and say it belongs to you. As officers leave, the player opens the package that is a cake. After a minute or so, the cake explodes and gives you weapons. Now it is up to you to use these weapons and get out of prison.
You have to choose your weapon with great care, or else you will run into a police officer. Use the drill and fall through it, now you will end up in another room. Use your crowbar to open the sever cover and fall through the sever pipe.
The pipe will land you in front of two officers. This is where you get up and run, provided the option of going left or right. If you choose left, you will hit a dead end. The only way to get through it is back flipping the officer and running the other way. Here, the officer will try to shoot you; you have to dodge the bullets to complete successfully Escaping the Prison campaign. If you have done everything right, then a cutscene will appear showing the character getting shot. After this, the guard who shot you will let you leave the prison as he is scared. Game over Everyone!

The controls of this game remain the same throughout the campaign. These controls are simple, straightforward; nothing is confusing about them. Click on the weapons you want to use and you get them. Move around with your mouse and click on weapons. When you are running, you will see an arrow that will provide you the option of choosing a path. Choose your patch
There is no pause button in this game, yes you can't pause Escaping the Prison. In the end, the officers will shoot at you. You can't defend yourself; you can't shoot back or even hit them. All you can do is dodge the bullet by quickly clicking. You can mess around in this game, the path and objectives are straight forward and are quickly assigned, so you don't have room to do anything else in here.

One thing we have to say is Escaping the Prison full of exceptional animations. The graphics never affect your gameplay; you just control a criminal character to escape from prison. The game can be both real and unreal at the same time. It has its own cutscenes, which are adorable. It also features some pleasing colors. It has an overall realistic feeling!
Weapons and expressions of characters in this game have great animations keeping in mind this is a mobile game. On accounts of graphics, this is a great came paired with fun gameplay.
Bottom Line

To be straight forward, escaping the Prison is all about brainstorming every cell of your brain to ultimate a scheme out of the jail. All you have to do is cultivate a strategy, watch to point and click the puzzle adventure and see what unfolds with three different escape endings. Spoiler alert, there are a lot of dead scenes in this game. After all the main character is just a normal guy armed with guns, lasers and matter transmitter.
Considering everything that has been said about this game, it's a good time pass as it will keep you engaged for every single second.