What Features do We expect in Escaping the Prison 2?

Escaping the Prison was well received by everyone. The game had everything to be praised in flash category. Now the buzzword is Escaping the Prison 2, the second installment, making it a series. While the game has not been released, but it has created its own following ever since the word got out. While we can't speculate what things we will see in this game.
There are a few things that we love to see in it. To knock yourself out, you can read the following and see what we are expecting from this upcoming installment of the jailbreak.
Gather Some Supplies

The first game started with it! Remember, you get a cake from two cops, but once you try to get a piece, you realize it's a supply box for you. The same will happen with Escaping the Prison 2. To survive in any jail, you are going to need things such as duct tape, metal sheet, some keys and go whatever. It's not important you get them to start, but you can acquire these from fellow inmates, and guards. To do that, you have to perform different tasks to earn them.
Fight Your Way

You are in a Jail, so being a gentleman will not help. You have to toughen up in Escaping the Prison 2. If you are promoted to fight in this game, just remember what you had to do the last time. Yes, the first installment prompted you to fight cops who were a threat to your freedom. To do that, you needed to click the mouse whenever prompted.
You have to be swift and sharp for that to happen. There are different scenarios that you will have to fight for making your way out. The only thing that will lead to these are your choices, so be careful.
Develop Your Network

In jailbreaks, it's important to have someone to watch your back. While it was not featured in the first game, this may be a thing introduced in the second part. The only way you can develop your network is doing favors, yes do favors to others if you want to enjoy them yourselves.
This is how it works. You have to be useful for someone if you want their help. Otherwise, you will remain stuck in the cell forever. We are looking forward to this feature in the upcoming installment.
Buy Items

This is something not everyone is familiar with. Sometimes, you won't find everything you need. So you will have to buy them. Your fellow inmates will have a variety of things for sale. You just need to keep your eyes open for the seller. You need to contact him and buy things from him. In jail, you can bargain for the prices, everything is fixed price so pay whatever the label says. You don't have any authority here, and you also may not have it in Escaping the Prison 2. So save up!
Hide Your Supplies

This may sound cold-hearted, but it's important to your survival. There are some things that are illegal, and if your guard finds them in your possession, they will simply confiscate them.
Moreover, the Warden can send you to Solitary. This makes it, even more, important for you to hide your contraband things. The most prominent place to hide your things is your desk. They will only find such things there if they are called for a shakedown. If you are not sure about the desk, you can always hide your things in the vents. Just take care of the entrance or you will end up in solitary.

Except for concrete and where everyone can see you, you can dig anywhere you like. You have to start with someone that is covered and won't be seen much. To start, you can use plastic soon if you have nothing else. You can get other tools to get the job done fast.
The trowel is better than a plastic spoon; it's available in inmate inventory so you won't have a hard time finding it. In case you don't get it, still you can create a flimsy shovel. These are some things we are looking forward to in Escaping the Prison 2.
Taking Down the Whole Prison

Stealth is effective, but it is the most challenging. It often leads to paranoia that may result in poor decisions. This is an approach which is hardly known to anyone. It is hard to perform but straightforward. By the way, taking down the prison is just for fun, but we expect such ending in Escaping the Prison 2 because we had it in the first game. In short, we are looking for something that will get progressively harder but full of fun.
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