Fleeing The Complex Game

Introducing the Latest Entry in Henry Stickman Series: Fleeing the Complex

The stickman is back in action! Well, he got stuck again, and we will go to save him and help him escape, once again in the Fleeing the Complex! See the following for more details.

This is the fifth in the highly praised Henry Stickman Escape game series. Fleeing the Complex is a direct sequel of "Infiltrating the Airship". PuffyballsUnited again made a great game that won the heart of everyone who ever played it. The game is said to be completed months before when it was released, which was on November 12th, 2015. For those who are interested in this game, they can be easily paly it online.

Once again, the series protagonists find himself caged in jail. Whatever you call it, his bad luck or his actions, the guy simply can"t ignore getting into jail. Well, whatever that was, it"s no longer a concern to use, and we should be more focused on how to get Henry out of there. This time, Henry finds himself a prisoner in a highly secured facility that is called "The Wall." The Wall is a center of Fleeing the Complex.
After the boss of organization finds out what Henry have been up to recently, he gave the order of Henry being put there and justice was served. Now Henry needs to find a way to escape the complex or else he is in there for the long haul.
This time, Henry may need help from some friends, these friends are Toppat Clan and Charles. There is a new friend, Ellie, who will make it out alive.

This times, odds are higher than before. We are no longer in a dessert. Yes, this may be the first time the Henry games are set somewhere else but a dessert. What is even scary is the game is set in Cold Mountains in Russia.
New Features Introduced

Keeping up with the name of the series, flee the Complex also introduced a broad set of new features in this game. This made the navigation easy. We will like to accept the fact that there are more fails than ever, and they are hilarious. The falls are easy, but these are backed by the fact that you can easily retry a step if you didn"t make the good choice at first.
There are limited time decisions, and as the bar fills how, it will let you know how much time you have to select an item. The fact is, not all options are available this time, concluding everything, and there are five different ends in this game, 18 medals with 60 fails. Good luck finding them all!