Infiltrating The Airship Game

Infiltrating the Airship, Introduction to Game

Infiltrating the Airship is a stick figure game that features point and click your way gameplay. This game, from the developers that brought you Bank Robbery and Escaping the Prison, is yet another funny installment where you are provided different approaches to a certain task, all with their hilarious results.
Instead of fighting for a robbery, a prison break or anything that is related to the criminal activity of any sort. Now you are doing everything in a different way; you are going to get for your very pardons, yes do the law enforcement a favor and you will be on your way home, as a free man.
Sometime after Breaking the Prison, the law enforcement caught up with you and you are again stuck with them. However, they are prepared to make a deal with you in exchange for something. They are going to use you as an expendable asset to capture a notorious gang they have been after a long time.
Now they can`t risk sending anyone in so you are up, and this is what brings us to Infiltrating the Airship. Your mission is to infiltrate the ship of this gang midair and find a way to bring them down. Anything related to support you have been law enforcement will bring you closer to the plane so you can jump on it.

Completing the mission that will sign you up as a free man, you need to get to the airship, you are provided different options here to do so. However, some of them will lead to failure, but you can retry it as before.
So you will die and fail a lot of times but in the end, you can change your approach. Without giving you any spoilers about the plot or options, we will jump to other aspects of Infiltrating the Airship. The game offers a broad range of options which is complex than any game before. The Puffballs United has again done a great job in the completion of such game. It has possible four different endings while all of them depends on the choices you make.
What it Boils Down To

So the sins of your previous wrong doings caught up with you. This is the last chance for you to clear your name, just take another leap of faith and you can be on your way. Technically, this is the fourth game in henry stickman series and has over 60 unique fails. You will need to make your choice and pick an option and see where it ends you up.