Stealing The Diamond Game

Stealing the Diamond: Henry is Back in Action

Breaking Banks can be cool; jailbreak is even better but what about diamonds, they are everyone's best friend. Henry Stickman thinks the same and he is going to get his best friend, but he needs your help to do so. A new exhibit at the local museum, Tunisian Diamond is what Henry has got his heart on. This is all about the usual rabble, you have some impressive technology at hand, so the job shouldn"t be a problem. Puffballs have made their comeback with Stealing the Diamond.

The sequel to Escaping the Prison game and Third Installment in Henry game series has finally made its entrance. This time, you will be playing offence for one more time. The Diamond is big, and it will be worth a fortune, so Henry can"t let it go. There are three ways to get the diamond, and, even more, you can end up failing. You can win in the Aggressive way, undetected way or even the Epic way. This game has 11 medals, three different endings and 40 unique fails of its own.

When a valuable Tunisian Diamond is in the local museum, Hapless Thief Henry plans to steal it for himself. Keeping in check with his history of robbing banks and escaping prison, we are looking forward to what his new adventure brings us.
Technical Details

Following we are detailing some technical specifications of this game!
  • Platform: PC and Mac
  • Gameplay: Farce
  • Control: Point and Click, Keyboard
  • Perspective: Third Person
  • Graphic Style: Comic Cartoon
  • Red Flags: Internet Connection Requirement
  • Media: Internet Browser
Other Details

In Stealing the Diamond, it all starts with Henry sitting on his couch and watching TV, just being a couch potato. As he is watching TV, he gets across with a museum exhibition, the exhibition states that it got a new Tunisian Diamond which is extremely valuable. After seeing this, Henry makes his mind steal it in an instance. So he gets ready and grab his car keys to embark the mission.
The next scene we see Henry getting close to the museum. Here the player assumes the control and helps Henry to decide whether to sneak in or bust in. Depending on your choice, you will be provided other options to select from which will result in their respective players or a type of ending.
There are a lot of ways to fail this time, but you can only win in three different ways. So it depends on you whether you want it to be epic or just stick with the stealthy approach to keep things under wrap.